Key to Success Workshop

Workshop about abundance and Achievement of Dreams.

Have you reached the conclusion YOU CAN NOT MANAGE your MONTHLY BUDGET?

ARE YOU LOOKING to have a FINANCIALY STABLE MONTH but still have not managed to?

Do you LIVE in constant SCARCITY?

Do you FEEL ABUNDANCE is not for YOU?

Do you work to PAY THE BILLS and still, your efforts DO NOT COME TO FRUITION?

The word ABUNDANCE means A LOT.

On the other hand, the word SCARCITY means a LACK, deprivation, difficulty… As you know, abundance is DIFFERENT from scarcity – they are OPPOSITES. However, despite many people wanting to live in ABUNDANCE, a lot of them still MANIFEST attitudes of SCARCITY.

If you do not SEE the abundance in the WORLD, it will not come to you. On the contrary, you will only ATTRACT SCARCITY.

This is a simple example that can be used for several other aspects in life, such as with MONEY and situations in which you PAY for SERVICES or products… What is your CONNECTION when you buy something or pay for a service? Do you REGRET the money you are spending, or do you VIBRATE so that money PROSPERS in the life of the one receiving it, so that it can return prosperity back to yourself?

Those are SIMPLE ATTITUDES however, they will define whether we ARE CONDITIONED to scarcity or abundance.

THINKING about SCARCITY is also thinking about ONESELF. We are ALL TOGETHER and everyone wants to LIVE in ABUNDANCE(ALWAYS), right?

LIVING in ABUNDANCE is NOT TO FEAR that ANYTHING WILL BE MISSING. This is because living in abundance IS having the CERTAINTY that there WILL ALWAYS BE PLENTY LEFTOVER, which you can save for YOURSELF and for the OTHERS in double.

VIBRATE in ABUNDANCE and the UNIVERSE WILL RETURN it back and present yourself with much PROSPERITY!

This WORKSHOP is lectured by MYSELF and was channeled to help you UNDERSTAND what STOPS you from having WHAT you DESIRE, whether that is MONEY, HEALTH, SUCCESS or any other DREAM.

In this WORKSHOP we will LEARN TO:


– How to identify the BLOCKAGES of success;

– What we can do to SHIFT the REALITY we do not like into a NEW ONE;


– How to CREATE your IDEAL LIFE;

– And how to MANIFEST IT!

ENROLL YOURSELF in the Workshop so that you can FIND the STABILITY you deserve!

Romeo and Juliet Workshop

Workshop about Soul Mates.

Have you reached the conclusion you are LIVING a KARMIC LOVING RELATIONSHIP?

Are you LOOKING FOR your SOUL MATE but have not found him/her yet?

Is your relationship NOT working as you DESIRE?

Has your RELATIONSHIP stagnated?


As time goes by, many of you either still remain in the SAME LOVING RELATIONSHIP or wait for a NEW RELATIONSHIP meanwhile.

But are you really LIVING to the FULLEST and being TRUE to yourself?


Due to that “LOAD” of unsettled EMOTIONS, both partners feel ATTRACTED to each other due to another INCARNATION. The purpose of the REUNION is to provide an OPPORTUNITY to SOLVE the problem in QUESTION.

This takes place by reenacting the same problem in a short time span. When the karmic “players” are known, they feel a desire to be close to one another and, after some time, they begin REPEATING the EMOTIONAL PATTERNS of their previous roles.

Therefore, the stage is set so that BOTH FACE an OLD PROBLEM once again and, through this way, deal with it in the MOST ILLUMINATED WAY.

The SPIRITUAL PURPOSE of the REUNION for both is to allow both to make DIFFERENT CHOICES from the ones made in that past life.

If the opportunity is available, the emotions we experience may be so overwhelming, leading us to believe we found our “SOUL MATE”. However, things are not always what they seem…

Generally, both partners end up getting involved in a psychological CONFLICT, in which the main elements are POWER, CONTROL and DEPENDENCE.

This way, the TRAGEDY your subconscious RECOGNIZES from a past life is REPEATED.

There has been a profound emotional reunion between them which has caused scars and EMOTIONAL TRAUMA. This is why the FORCES OF ATTRACTION, such as the ones of repulsion, can be so violent when they find themselves HERE once again.

The basic purpose behind the reunion is for both to be able to LIBERATE THEMSELVES. This is something that did not happen up until that moment, but now there is a NEW OPPORTUNITY for each one to be LIBERATED with LOVE.

The CHALLENGE of each one is to deal with their own INTERNAL WOUND and not with matters of the other person. Each one is only RESPONSIBLE for HIMSELF/for HERSELF.

It is important to understand this, since this is one of the first traps found in relationships.

The SOLUTION of our problems IS NOT in the behavior of the OTHER PERSON.

ENROLL YOURSELF in the Workshop so that you can LIVE a ROMANCE to the FULLEST, just like you deserve!

Fears and Future Workshop

Workshop about your fears and the unsettling fear regarding the future.

Are you afraid of dying? Or are you afraid of someone you live dying?

Are you very afraid of falling ill?

Does the lack of financial freedom scare you?

At any given moment, do you find the world to be a dangerous place?

Do you not know how to trust others?

Do you find yourself to be a victim?

Are you afraid of going hungry?

At any given moment, do you feel you lack control over your life?

Do you fear your future prospects?

The Culture of FEAR is everywhere. Have you ever thought about this? Nowadays, we live in a WORLD plagued by the CULTURE of FEAR.

What fear is this? The FEAR of LOSING your job, the FEAR of not finding a new job. The FEAR of MAKING MISTAKES, the FEAR of being headed on the WRONG DIRECTION, the FEAR of NOT BEING ACCEPTED by society, the FEAR of judgement and CRITICISM, the FEAR of becoming PARALYZED and fearing existence.

This is one of the BIGGEST EVILS we are presently facing as a SOCIETY. The FEAR of LOSING SOMETHING blocks the possibility of BEING BETTER. This PRESSURE or TENSION over someone from who we look for answers and this mechanism of the culture of fear results on negative consequences.

And the care-free? Well, there are so many. However, it is the culture of fear ALLOWS those people to maintain that position. Now, there is nothing WORST to STOP a SPIRIT of prompt EVOLUTION than the mindset of constant discredit and mocking from others. This is because CHANGE means the UNKNOWN and. When faced with the unknown, RESISTENCE increases. However, all of these are based on FEAR. The POWER of scaring people LEADS to the FEAR of MAKING MISTAKES, the fear of DOING and the fear of DARING.

By always DOING the SAME, the same way, BECAUSE you are afraid.

It is necessary to have OPPENNESS and SINCERITY!

Do not think that it is from FEAR that GOOD THINGS will come to fruition, and that from it your HAPPINESS and ABUNDANCE will increase.

The RIGHT WORD in the RIGHT MOMENT is the BEST stimulus and the VEHICLE to kickstart your PATH of REAL CHANGE. No one gets anywhere ALONE. Do not kid yourselves.

É com o trabalho em EQUIPA, partilha de CONHECIMENTO, com AJUDA e amor recíproco que se alcança a mais ALTA VIBRAÇÃO. SEM MEDOS, sem receios, aceitando as diferenças e os ritmos diferentes de cada pessoa.

It is with TEAMWORK, sharing of KNOWLEDGE, with HELP and reciprocal love that the HIGHEST VIBRATION can be reached. WITHOUT FEARS, without dread, accepting differences and people’s different rhythms.

LIFE is worth for those who are not only living in their COMFORT ZONE and focused on what supposedly is more comfortable.

Therefore, do NOT engage in the climate of FEAR. Engage in a climate in which COURAGE and STRENGHT to change and evolve is INCENTIVIZED!

ENROLL YOURSELF in the Workshop that will allow you to LIVE to the fullest and in HAPPINESS, just like you deserve! Here, you will be able to CLEANSE yourself of all fears, dreads and negative feelings and proceed to DOWNLOAD positive feelings, capable of pushing you towards your better version.